Engaging Ads with a Broad Reach.

When a digital ad is combined with content consumers love, the outcome is powerful.  With Devoted Digital's rich and diverse content, engaged audiences are delivered on a regular basis.

Whether you are looking to raise general awareness of your business or target a specific audience, Display Advertising Solutions offer the flexibility and customization to suit any need or budget. With high impact options and advanced audience targeting capabilities, display advertising can help you be known among your best prospects.

Leverage our cross-platform solutions to reach them on the go, on any screen. Incorporate dynamic ads, responsive rich media and extended networks, and you’ll make an impression wherever and however they’re spending time online.

Desktop Display Ads

Create Lasting Impressions.

Devoted Digital offers you advanced targeting capabilities to get your message to who you want, when you want.

Our customizable online display advertising solutions are designed to help you be seen, engage users, and help you meet your advertising goals. Display advertising can include impactful standard banner ads, pre-roll video, and rich media to promote your message. Your brand will be seen on the Devoted Digital website and on our extended network of affiliates to hit your targets wherever they are.

  • Find your most valuable audience
  • Make a more effective marketing campaign
  • Tailor your message to different audiences
  • Review and optimize your campaigns

Mobile Display Ads

Be Mobile!

Your customers are going mobile, and you should too. Just think: Smartphone penetration has now reached 65.2% of the US mobile subscriber market 1. 93% of people who used mobile to research continue down the path to make a purchase.2

Imagine what that means for your business. Devoted Digital can integrate mobile as part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We give the on-the-go consumer the chance to see and respond to your marketing anywhere, anytime – straight from their phone or tablet.

  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Mobile-responsive ads, including video
  • Mobile web development

1 comScore, 3-month average ending in December (Q4)
2 Google/Nielsen Mobile Path to Purchase custom study, Nov 201

Video Display Ads

Video has moved beyond TV.

Today video is being consumed across multiple devices and is a powerful way to engage consumers and stimulate social sharing. As digital video usage continues to grow, people are becoming more receptive to advertising messages presented in and around digital video ads. Video gives you a way to tell your story and our team of experts can help you create your own engaging and dynamic video content.

Devoted Digital can have your video served with all of the advanced audience targeting capabilities that we deliver on other display units, such as:

  • Streaming Video
  • Pre-Roll
  • Post-Roll
  • Embedded Video
  • Video Impressions
  • Share of Voice
  • Downloads

Feature your videos in banners and before or after editorial content, like sports, breaking news and featured stories. For extra reach, your ad can appear on more than 1,500 brand sites in our extended video network.

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